Designer by day, illustrator by... well, whenever I have time. Hoping to become illustrator by day as well.

Barcelona, Spain. 

Made a logo for the little garden shop/secondhand shop/future yoga studio that I worked and stayed at while I was in Barcelona. It was so nice to have a design project again, it’s been too long. 

A little late in posting this, but here’s a few “room portraits” from the chateau I stayed at in France. I loved that place. 

Hello Barcelona.

Chateau Bromtourte, this month has been a treat and I’ll be sad to be leaving you tomorrow. But I cannot say the same about your spiders. I’d like to get some distance between me and those guys. 

Garlic Festival! 

Rose garlic is the pride of Lautrec and they have a whole weekend to celebrate its glory. Jazz band traveling through the streets, man in a human-size garlic costume (wish I got a picture), free wine, and free garlic soup. I like. 

When you photograph a scene in burst mode you might as well make a gif out of it, am I right or am I right? (Photos courtesy of Britt) 
"Finders keepers, just this once? …Please?"
Harvesting fruit from the orchard at the château. This is the life.

Inspired by the place I’ve been staying at during my time in France. 

(Best viewed by clicking on the first image and scrolling through frames one at a time)