Designer by day, illustrator by... well, whenever I have time. Hoping to become illustrator by day as well.

Spanish flowers.

Barcelona, Spain. 

Made a logo for the little garden shop/secondhand shop/future yoga studio that I worked and stayed at while I was in Barcelona. It was so nice to have a design project again, it’s been too long. 

A little late in posting this, but here’s a few “room portraits” from the chateau I stayed at in France. I loved that place. 

Hello Barcelona.

Chateau Bromtourte, this month has been a treat and I’ll be sad to be leaving you tomorrow. But I cannot say the same about your spiders. I’d like to get some distance between me and those guys. 

Garlic Festival! 

Rose garlic is the pride of Lautrec and they have a whole weekend to celebrate its glory. Jazz band traveling through the streets, man in a human-size garlic costume (wish I got a picture), free wine, and free garlic soup. I like. 

When you photograph a scene in burst mode you might as well make a gif out of it, am I right or am I right? (Photos courtesy of Britt) 
"Finders keepers, just this once? …Please?"