Designer by day, illustrator by... well, whenever I have time. Hoping to become illustrator by day as well.

Whoever keeps changing the framed picture in the break room, you’re taste in artwork is SPOT ON.
My first day back to work was yesterday, and I’m going to try to get back into doing a daily illustration, sketch or digital. Here goes!
Spanish flowers.

Barcelona, Spain. 

Made a logo for the little garden shop/secondhand shop/future yoga studio that I worked and stayed at while I was in Barcelona. It was so nice to have a design project again, it’s been too long. 

A little late in posting this, but here’s a few “room portraits” from the chateau I stayed at in France. I loved that place. 

Hello Barcelona.

Chateau Bromtourte, this month has been a treat and I’ll be sad to be leaving you tomorrow. But I cannot say the same about your spiders. I’d like to get some distance between me and those guys.